Hi hope all you lovely people are well.  I have been wondering about this word free on the Internet.  How many of us have typed in the word free on any search site hoping to find something free to download from information to games just to find it is not free as they have said,  so many of us we can note  even think of a number.  For me it is most frustrating to actually go onto a website and they say 100%  free just to find it is a trial or demo version it is so sad.  Why do people use the word free or 100% free if it is not free?  Do you not know what the word free means it means to receive something free and not pay for the product!   Why waste people’s time to say that something is free on your site  and it is not that is so lying to your customer rather not use the word free as a key search just use demo or trial in the key search option.  The other big thing on the web is Start Your Business from home or you search for working from home.  When finally you find so many of them and start looking at the pages hoping to find a work as you are unemployed and work is so scares so guess what you must start creating work for yourself as I have been in that same boat for the last year already.  When you start reading you find all these wonderful people commenting on how much money they have made and there is this long introduction on how it works, and at the end you must sign up and all these VISA, MASTER CARD and PAY PAL pops up.  You must pay to join them wow if I had the money I would not be looking for work from home would I.  Honestly people we are looking for work not pay to do the work.  At first when I was looking for work from home I actually replied on an advertisement for the first time concerning that these people  are looking for people to do DATA Capturing and typing from home.  They sent me this whole big envelope with different books after I had registered and paid my fee thinking that they would actually be sending me work to do for them just to find out that It was going to cost me more to earn that money by finding and advertising myself and recruiting other people to.  That is not what I had signed up for so with advertising in the newspaper, posting out there forms and spending money on postage etc. and hoping that someone will join.  You are spending more than what you are receiving.  So guys if you do find a work from home business that really works let me know.  Do not get me wrong I know it is better to pay for something you do need but I do not believe in paying someone else to actually make them rich it does not work for me.  So if you guys have any comments on how you feel about this I would love to know.  My next discussion on this subject will actually include some websites that I have downloaded games etc. for really free!!!!!!!!!!!