Do you believe in ghosts, legends and myths? Part One

Hi to all I have been sitting here and wondering about ghosts.  I am busy with research for a new book I am writing.  From a young age I always had this gift to feel strange activity around me there had even been times I would actually see animals and spirits around me.  I had always felt that it could only be my imagination running wild with me except there had been a house we lived in Carletonville in Gauteng.  I had gotten up from sleep and needed to use the bathroom.  My daughter’s room was just down the passage. When I came out the bathroom I just looked into their room automatically to see if they are sleeping peacefully and just there on the bed sat a white cat I looked to make sure at what I am looking at I went into the room to chase it out but noticed that this was not a normal cat or at least a live one it just stared at me and then it disappeared I was so astonished that I rushed into the room and told my husband.  He just looked at me and said that maybe I thought I had seen something.  After a while I fell asleep.  Round about six in the morning nearly time to get up both my husband and myself was woken up with a bang noise.  His mom was living with us at that time and she was not to healthy at that time.  She had gone to the bathroom and had a blackout and fell with her head against the toilet.  We had to rush her off to hospital and she stayed overnight.  I would say in my opinion the cat I had seen was warning me of something that was going to happen the only problem is that I did not know what.  This had not been the only funny experiences I had but many had happened to me.

So guys if you have any interesting story or tale to tell I would love to hear from you the more the better I do not judge so do you believe in spirits and ghosts?