I remembered as a child all the old ghost stories that had been told to me by my granny and the family.  We lived in an old house in Cape Town.  The house had these old wooden floors that use to creek at night and every movement would make you lie awake and think who is walking over those floors and you would be scared and suddenly just pop your head under the blanket.  After my father passed away our one dog that use to love my father very much missed him terribly.  Our house when entered had a small room at the door that you could either enter the lounge or go to the dining room and from the dining room you could go to the kitchen or into the passage that went to the rooms and the bathroom.  I had been sitting at the dining room table it had been after twelve in the afternoon and our dog “Flekkies” had been sitting on my lap.  It started to become cold where I sat and could feel this coldness around me.  The next moment she starts staring into the kitchen in front of her and starts waging her tale.  As I followed her staring I saw this figure of someone standing there looking at us.  It did not stay long and it just disappeared.  All that I can think is that it had been my father standing there and she could see him.  I have quite a few stories like these.  I am busy writing a book on Ghosts, Legends and Myths.  MANY PEOPLE MAY BELIEVE IN THE SUPERNATURAL MANY DO NOT.  I would love to hear of your stories on Ghosts and if you have seen Angels.  This can be any story from bad experiences to good ones even those that have been told to you by someone else.  If you want your name mentioned I will add it to my book and if you want to stay anonymous just let me know.  You can email me at  I would appreciate it very much.  Hope to hear from you soon and feel free to comment here to.