Hi to all I hope you are all well and healthy.  I have been busy writing my third book and felt that I must share this with you as I had a good laugh when I had read it and I am using it in my book.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

A little laughter of an old ghost

After we moved in to the house both me and my friends had so many stuff with us that the owner said that we could put our boxes of books in storage in the cellar.  The cellar was not that big or high.  You actually had to bend down to be able to move around in it.  We went downstairs with all our excess boxes.  “Shoe but it is cold down here!” I said.  The owner just laughed and said:  “Its always cold down here.”  Little did we know what he actually meant by it!  After a few weeks had past we went with flashlights to the cellar as there had been no power down stairs.  When we came into the cellar we noticed that some of our boxes had been moved around and it bothered us as the entrance had been outside against the wall.  “Now who could have moved our stuff around?” my friend asked.  “If things are being moved around here then it means that someone can easily come and steel our stuff!” he said.  We decided to make sure that when we leave we will lock the place up tight.  Then things started moving around at night in the cellar and we could hear it.  We went downstairs, each with a weapon in our hands and a flashlight.  We noticed that only certain stuff had been moved around and all the other boxes had been untouched as it had been assembling dust.  We left and locked the place up tight again.

Our neighbour an elderly lady always use to send us something nice to eat, because of us being students and always too busy to make something to eat.  After a restless night of noises and moving around of boxes in our cellar I got the courage and asked her if she would know what could be causing the racket in our cellar.  She went quiet for a while then asked: “Did the old man that rented the place to you not tell you about Alex?”  “No!” the two of us answered together.  “Who is Alexa?” I asked.  “A tramp!” she laughed.  He use to always be in this area and we would always give him clothes and food and things like that.  He was very old.  “And now he sleeps in our cellar?” my friend asked.

“No,” she said.  “Now he is living there permanently in the cellar.  You see, he had passed away a few years ago of age.  One evening we saw him sitting on the corner completely frozen.  So we all got together and invited him to live down in the cellar and there he has always been.”  “But he makes a terrible noise and moves everything around!” my friend said.  She laughed “You must have put your boxes on his sleeping place that is why he is moving the stuff around only to make place for himself.  Go and look down stairs you will see a red and blue blanket there that shows his living space.  Maybe there is a box on his blanket.  Just move it of the blanket and he will be quiet.”

Shyly my friend admitted that he had put one of his boxes on the blanket, because he did not want the dampness to go through the box on to the books.  She then said all we must do is to remove the box he would never take any of our things and maybe leave him some books, he used to love reading.  “What are we going to do now?” I asked my friend about Alex.  “We are going to make the place as comfortable as possible for him!” my friend replied.

We went downstairs and there was the box standing on the old red and blue blanket.  We removed the box and put an old book shelve with a rocking chair there and packed out some books.  We then put down a thicker blanket for him to use.  My friend said: “Uncle Alex you can now read to your hearts content and there is a softer blanket to use.”  That evening everything was quiet and we could get a peaceful nights rest.  All that we could hear was the faint sound of a rocking chair and Alex was reading the books.  When we visited downstairs we could see what books he had read as he had placed it at the bottom of the shelves.  When summer arrived it started getting very warm and decided to move Uncle Alex upstairs.  I moved into my friends room and we organised my room to make it comfortable for him to live in.  We put a fan in there so that it could keep the room warm and said to him that they were moving him out of the cellar and upstairs.  Slowly we heard his footsteps going past us into the room and the rocking chair started to move.  We felt this comfortable feeling around us with  Uncle Alex moving in.

Three weeks later we had a burglary.  When we arrived home we saw the burglar coming out of the house with a big rush dropping things as he is running for his life.  His clothes were torn and he had a blue eye and a bleeding nose.  All he was shouting is “there is a ghost there is a ghost!”  We went up to Uncle Alex room all we heard was a rocking sound and a chuckle coming from the room.

We went to our neighbour, who had known by now that our guest had moved into the house.  “Auntie what work did Uncle Alex do?”  I asked.  She said that he was very rich but a promoter did him in and he landed up on the streets as he never trusted anyone again,  and there he lived most of his life.  “But what work did he do before he became a tramp?” I asked.  She said he was a professional boxer and could he kick some butt!!!