Hi to all my friends I decided to write another story  and hope that you enjoy it.

The bite of Rocky the Ghost Dog

Crows have this magnificent ability to be able to mimic different types of noises and it will sound exactly the same as what the sound would be.  This is about a crow that had been named Kallie.  He had been brought up by the Van Blerk family.  The microwave, water running out of a tap and alarm had only been a few noises he could mimic and then there was the dog Rocky, he was an old miserable and vicious dog and Kallie could bark a vicious bark just like him and it would sound as if there is a Rottweiler in the house.  Rocky passed away of age and each time visitors came to visit Kallie will go on with barking and they would think that Rocky or another dog is there.  Rocky use to be one of those dogs that would not hesitate to nip people who would come on to the premises, and when he had still been alive the Van Blerk family had to close Rocky in a room to prevent him from going off like that and biting the visitors.

One evening the family woke up with the sound of breaking glass and sounds coming from the front door.  Before they could even get up out the bed to investigate, the fiercest and horrific sound of barking and growling started.  “Kallie…it is Kallie barking like that,” Mr Van Blerk said to his wife.  “Kallie is busy trying to scare the burglar away!”  Suddenly they hear a second viscous bark and growl, mixed with Kallies barking.  Their son, Jan, who had entered his parents room said: “thats Rocky barking.”  “Dad listen there is two dogs barking!  Listen!  Rocky is there with Kalie!”  Suddenly they hear more glass breaking, and then a furious growl and an anxiety shout of someone.  The burglar went screaming and running out of the yard, and the family ran to the door.

The police arrived a few minutes after Mr Van Blerk phoned them.  “Luckily your dog chased him away.  He had a big knife,” said the policeman and looked at the broken window panels of the door and the knife lying on floor.  “But…we do not have a dog,” said Mrs Van Blerk astonished.  “Mam,” said the policeman.  “Come look hear.  See here above, where the window is broken, the glass is lying on the inside.  But here at the bottom, he shows with his hand, “here your dog came through, as the glass pieces are laying on the outside.  You have a strong dog that came through here, and he had given the burglar a good bite.  Look at all the blood on the veranda.”  “Yes… it must have been Rocky,” said Mrs Van Blerk slowly still dumb struck as she just stood there.