GOD CREATOR OF MY LIFE (Christina Doidge)

God you are the creator of the universe and life itself.

You created me a bundle of joy and growing up made me strong.

You breathed into my lungs the precious air we need.

My life journey was not easy but you taught me that faith is the core of life.

I grew with your Word; I try to live in your word but not always easy.

I know my God you are always there for me, I pray to you for my existence.

Lead me Lord I pray, bless my family and friends they are so precious just like you Lord.

Save us Lord from the world and the instability it brings with it.

Thank you my Lord for Jesus your son that died on the cross for my sins.

He is my path to eternal life and Thank Him for that.

He is my light and my way on this road I travel every day.

Bless you my Lord for giving me this life I am forever grateful to you.




The beauty that God have given us♥

When we look at nature all around♥

The calm of the sea♥

As one looks over the bay♥

The mountains far in the background♥

Are grey blue in color♥

The clouds hold a promise of change in the weather♥

The birds on the rocks♥

Waiting for the fish they need♥

Knowing and trusting God♥

To provide them with food♥

What are we but God’s creatures?♥

Also needing God for our comforts♥

We are those people♥

Who do not submit to his will?♥

We want to go our own way♥

Bumping our heads as we go♥

Why can’t we be like those in nature putting our trust in God?♥

They do not have the minds like we have♥

And yet they know♥

That is only his hand that provides them so♥ 

(Alfreda Doidge)