The beauty that God have given us♥

When we look at nature all around♥

The calm of the sea♥

As one looks over the bay♥

The mountains far in the background♥

Are grey blue in color♥

The clouds hold a promise of change in the weather♥

The birds on the rocks♥

Waiting for the fish they need♥

Knowing and trusting God♥

To provide them with food♥

What are we but God’s creatures?♥

Also needing God for our comforts♥

We are those people♥

Who do not submit to his will?♥

We want to go our own way♥

Bumping our heads as we go♥

Why can’t we be like those in nature putting our trust in God?♥

They do not have the minds like we have♥

And yet they know♥

That is only his hand that provides them so♥ 

(Alfreda Doidge)