Dear Lord thank you for the day we have had

You’re walking beside us all the way

You have brought us through this day looking after our very need

Dear Lord thank you for the home you give

For us to use for our comfort and rest

Thank you God for each thing that you bless us with

And let us remember it come’s only from you

You give us your grace, you forgive us our sin

And have mercy on us through thick and thin

You give us a choice to open the door of our heart

So that you can come through

To lead and guide us the right way once more

You are our savior and our friend we call on you for all our needs

We pray to you when going goes tough we pray and thank you when you heed

Lord Jesus Christ we ask once again be with us through this night

Grant us Lord that you will be there when we call to you if in fright

Forgive us our sins once more we pray

Before we close our eyes in sleep

Be there with us until light

We praise you Dear Lord