If only I knew what this day would hold for me,

I would have easily shaken off my fears,

If only I could see where you are leading me Father,

I would thank you more and plead much less,

If only I looked up at you I would hold on to the promises,

I would reject all the lies,

If only I had more trust to confide in your plans for me,

I would realize how little we need to depend on others,

Help me please to look back and realize how much you have done for me,

So that my faith can become stronger for the road ahead,

That I can realize that the long road full off twist and turn has always been better,

Than the short and easy road,

Remind me Lord that I am not alone, that you are always walking beside me,

Remind me Lord every day how far I have progressed to complete this,

Walk of life I am doing with you by my side.


2 thoughts on “IF ONLY I KNEW”

  1. Beautiful… Know for sure that whichever road you are on – it is the right one. We don’t have to know what is ahead. We just have to know that He knows what He is doing – and that HE knows where we are going. God bless. xx

    1. Thanks Retha yes those are true words we do not have to know what is ahead. Imagine if we knew we would not get out of bed at all. I realise that now as long as we know that He knows what He is doing – and He knows where we are going – we must just believe in Him. God bless. xx

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