Presentation2We all have had the problem with our minds not switching off when we try to sleep.  At least I have had that problem in the past and still do.  I will lie in bed and my mind is all over the place thinking of everything that comes to mind.  You toss and you turn all the time and when you look again it is late and by the time you wake up in the morning you are so tiered you do not want to even move out of bed.  You see we all have that problem sometimes.

So I have decided to share something to do making your body to relax before going to bed.  I have started doing this procedure during the day even when I feel I am all tensed up and it makes me relax.

Beginning with the toes, first tighten and relax all the muscles in your body, so that you are able to identify the difference between tight and relaxed.

 Then tighten each part of your body in turn. First tighten the toes and let go.  Do this three times. 

 Then tighten the ankles and release them slowly.  Again repeat three times.  Every bit is done in threes.  Concentrate on each part you tighten.

Tighten the calves and let go then follow to the thighs following the same procedure.  Finally for this part tighten the full length of your legs completely and release, again repeating three times. (This exercise is great for restless leg syndrome.) 

 Now move on to the rest of your body.  Repeating as usual for each part, tighten in turn your buttocks, your stomach, your spine, your neck, your hands, your arms and your neck, your face and your scalp concentrate on the different points. 

 Finally tighten every single muscle you have used, and let go completely.  Repeat three times, and by now you should recognise the difference between the state of relaxation at the beginning of the exercise, and the one at the end.

In time with practice you should be able to relax completely just by doing the last part of the exercise, but for now take it slowly and feel your body relax and with time you will feel the your muscles and mind relaxing.  Hope it helps you as it has helped me.