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A New Beginning

Good day to all who have followed my blog for such a long time. I know I have not posted much on my blog lately but have been so busy with writing for clients and started a new passion of mine in a new website.

Please feel free to check it out and share. I would appreciate it if you follow me there as well.

My new website is all about reviews – Let’s Be Honest Reviews


Hope you all had a blessed Easter Weekend – and let us not forget that Christ is Risen to prepare a place in the kingdom for us.


Dependable Duo

Hi, thanks to all who like our new page, please go follow the new page to appreciated, and thanks to following my aboutallandanything page.

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New Blog Dependable Duo


To all my trusted followers. My daughter and I have now started a combined blog for various topics from Reviewing products to general articles. Please be so kind and take a closer look at it by following the link and let us know what you think, or even follow if you like.

Thanks so much for your time.

Unreal Fantasy Story Part Two

Hi to all! Thanks to the old follower and the new for reading my daughters previous writing on her book, but we still have not received any comments if she should be writing the story further or if it is worth the while reading.  My first blog on this had been posted on the 22nd August 2014 and here is the follow up on the story:

The Voyage
They arrived just in time for the ship’s departure. It turned out that they were just waiting for them. “After all, one cannot leave your highest paying passengers behind,” as the captain himself stated. As they boarded the ship and showed their rooms, she realised that her uncle had also joined them with her two cousins – Jason the eldest and Eric, the youngest. Two obnoxious jerks. All they ever did was treat her like dirt. She just took a deep breath and told herself that she must make the best of the situation. That there are bigger forces out there, who will look out for her.

After they set sail, the day flew past fast and daylight soon turned to darkness. They were making progress fast. Everyone was relaxing except for Alexis. She was standing on the deck, watching the waves of the sea crash against the ship. All was calm until suddenly she heard an alarming scream, “We are under attack!”

The calm environment changed to one of chaos. Thousands of feet were moving over and about, arming themselves and taking passengers to safety, all of them but Alexis. They left her alone, her body frozen to the spot, to fend for herself. Deep inside she knew that if she does not hide, she could pay dearly with her life. However, she just could not move her body did not want to respond to her attempts, no matter how hard she tried.

She could hear cannons firing; feel the vibrations caused by them. The seamen were fighting right in front of her while her heart hammered in her chest, but her body still did not want to respond, not even when two wild looking men grabbed her. She barely succeeded in following them, causing them to drag her up to their ship. Visions of lifeless bodies torment her all the way which she just vaguely recognised. Everything happened in slow motion, making it all feel surreal.

The enemy ship looked like it sailed out of a horror movie, not a speck of colour was in sight, it was dark and morbid. The wood coloured like charcoal and the sails pitch black, a place of pure evil and malice.

As they put her down in front of their captain, a chill ran through her body, awakening a spur of life in her too. It was that little spark it took to ignite her will to live and encourage her to fight. At the same time, just one look at the Captain’s face woke up a deep fear in her. His eyes were a dark void, but as he looked at her weak on her knees in front of him, a fire lit up in them. It looked like he wanted to devour her on the spot. This made the hairs on her body stand up and her eyes turn cold and hard.

“Well, well what do we have here? You’re a nice looking girl, I must say. You would probably look better with less clothes on and that golden hair let down, but that could be organised.” All she did was look at him; she could not find any words to say to him. Although there was no need for words as, the look in her eyes spoke volumes, conveying exactly what she thought of him and his ideas. “He can go to hell!”

“Hey, girl! Don’t you know how to speak?” before he could throw anymore-crude comments her way, one of his crew members interrupted him. “Sorry to bother you Captain! What must we do with the older woman we captured?” “Oh, yes! I almost forgot about her, this one had me a bit preoccupied. Tie that old hag up in my cabin we will trade her tomorrow. As for this little doll, tie her up on the deck, maybe that will loosen her tongue.” “Alright Captain, but if you do not mind me saying something else.” The Captain just grunted in response, “What is it Howard? I do not have time for your chit chat.” “Well, I think this girl can’t talk at all,” he stammered, “Through the whole fight she didn’t make a peep.” “Well, thanks for that bit of info, then beat her up a bit too. That ought to make her talk.” “Yes, Captain!”

After that she was led away, dreading what they had planned for her with each step she took but vowing to herself that no matter how much pain they inflict that she would not utter a word, not even as much as a murmur. They tied her up, her hands and feet shackled tightly. The rope eating through her flesh already, blood seeping from the wounds. She still did not cry, but stared out in front of her.


Suddenly she awoke by the captain’s harsh footsteps heading her way. Time was a mystery to her, all the days spent tied up blended. It all was just one big blur of events, consisting mostly of pain and drifting in an out of consciousness as the sun baked her sensitive skin and the cold wind bit at her exposed flesh. Wakened every time being whipped by the Captain, taunted and used in every way that he pleased. However, through every bit of torture and humiliation she still did not utter any sound.

The pain was devouring her, hunger and thirst slowly killing her. There was nothing more she wanted to do than beg him for mercy, but deep inside she knew that it was not worth it. She would rather die than do the filthy Captain’s bidding willingly.

“Well girl, you’d be happy to hear that you’re not getting your whipping today. I’ve gotten tired of your silence. You must look your best, we’re nearing a tribe with whom we do business often and hope they will take you off our hands for supplies. Otherwise, your life is going to come to an end soon.” With the news delivered, he left her hanging there to ponder what he said.


I have decided to help my daughter by placing some book writing, she wrote and would love to hear from all my followers in advising us if the writing is worth the while to finish. The work is still very rough and still needs to be changed and illustrations to be added. Please leave comments if you think she should go ahead and finish the book and if you do not like it please advise us on the feeling you have. We would like honest opinions please as she does not want to waste her time if it is not at least good.

Unreal Fantasy

The Beginning

On the planet Notorious there exist two completely different races. The Fair-skinned, who thought of themselves as civilised and who believed that they were above all other living creatures. However, they still lived in fear, dreading that one day they would be attacked by another of their kind who wants what they posses. Then there were the Barbarians, a name which the Fair-skinned gave them. They were a more peaceful race, who made a living from the land. They did have disputes between their tribes, but it seldom led to violence. So why were they given such a savage name? Was it because they were not understood or perhaps that they were feared?
But this is not a tale about the differences of two races. It is a tale of one girl in particular who brought them together. This girl’s name was Alexis. She was the only daughter of the richest Fair-skinned couple in Dunland – Mr and Mrs Owen. Even though they were rich, they were wonderful people. They were compassionate but above all they adored their daughter and loved her more than anything in their life. She was given the best life that they could give her, they would have given her the world even but it was not theirs to give.
Alexis was different from other peers her age. She was a loveable girl who cared about anything living, looking out more for others. It was not only her personality that made her beautiful. She was also blessed with angelic looks. As a result of being different, she never truly fitted in. Sometimes even her parents would find themselves in a situation where they did not completely understand her.
As if that was not enough, her whole world as she knew it was turned upside down in a blink of an eye.

It was her 19th birthday, a day, which was supposed to be wonderful, but instead turned out into her worst nightmare. She started the day by helping out at the local shelter as she usually did even though her parents did not understand why she would do such a thing on her birthday of all days. All she kept telling them was that the small children at the shelter needed her. Her time at the shelter flew by fast, full of laughter and joy. When she headed home, she was in a very happy mood.
She felt like she was walking on air, but as she opened the front door, an uneasy feeling ran through her body. The house was too quiet. In the end, optimism got the better of her, thoughts of dread and fear dispersed as happy scenarios filled her head that only made the shock more severe. As she walked into the living room, her eyes fell on a gruesome scene, on the floor, she found her parents’ bodies lying in pools of blood. A sad picture compared to the birthday decorations and presents stacked in the room. Her knees gave way, turning to jelly as she collapsed beside them, tears clouding her eyes. Tons of thoughts bombarded her mind. Her whole world started spinning around and around until everything faded to black.

When she woke up, she was lying in her bed. She almost thought it was all just a dream if it was not for the stranger looking at her as she opened her eyes. “Good morning, Miss Owen, I was glad to see that you are finally awake. I am Mr Johnson, your parents’ lawyer, but you can call me Jarred.”
She sat up in her bed, confused from all the events that had happened and now some stranger was staring at her and claiming that he was her parents’ lawyer. It was all just too much for her.
“Sorry, I know that a lot have happened in your life in just a few hours and that you are still trying to make sense of everything. I am also sorry about the death of your parents and I promise you that the law will find those who are responsible, but it is my responsibility to your parents to ensure that you looked after. You are only 19, meaning that you are still a minor, according to the Law and therefore will need a guardian. I found out that you are alone except for your mother’s sister, Grace. I have spoken to her and confirmed that you will be leaving with her today still, she will be your legal guardian.” Even though he sounded sincere and sorry, the emotion did not seem to reach his eyes or face.
She did not know what to say, staring at him forlornly as she fought to keep her composure. “What? This cannot be! How can this stranger just tell her what to do? She just lost her parents and now she will lose her life and freedom too. Her aunt hated them and despised her. Her life will be living hell. Although they can take her freedom, they will never take her heart and soul. Money is not as important as that.”
“Well, Miss your things are packed and ready. You must just get dressed and then join us downstairs.” With those words he left her room, as cold hearted as he entered, leaving her with only her thoughts to keep her company.

Finally dressed in her maroon coloured travelling dress and matching slippers, her golden hair clipped into place on her head, she walked down the stairs, ready to face her fate. What greeted her there revolted her. Her aunt was sitting there like she was the queen of the castle. “Oh, Alexis, it is good to see that you finally decided to join us. We’re in a bit of a hurry, we must still catch our ship you know and get back home as soon as possible. So come, come, let’s leave now.” With that brisk command, they left her house and life behind. Leading her toward her new life, one she was unwilling to be part of but had no choice in.

Denying The Lord


Lord,  sometimes it is so difficult to accept,

That you do hear my prayers

But still I do not get any answers from you on all my questions ,

Sometimes it feels as if you are not hearing my plea

Sometimes I feel that I do not believe anymore

Forgive me for this Lord, I must keep faith in you

Lord makes me strong and a big believer so that I can Hold fast on to your word and believe in you

Thank you Lord for when you do answer my prayers.

Prayer for Trouble


Heavenly Father you know there,

Is so many things we worry about,

Time and time again, it keeps coming up

Every time I leave it with you Lord, but It

Keeps coming back just to stress about it again,

Forgive me, Lord, please I pray and please just,images

Show me the way.

Please take my troubles and hold it close to you,

And that I know my Lord you will take care of it.


As a child, I can remember going to school and dealing with the “bully”, that one child that always makes another child’s life a misery at school, threatening you to be able to make them either very popular, or just afraid of them.  In South African schools bullying has become an immense problem, not only at school, but in our communities too, and we need to start facing the facts that bullying has passed the level of only small children scaring others.

Bullying is not just restricted in schools that are middle class or poor it has become a major problem regardless of school size, racial structure, whether the school is in a wealthy, middle class or poor area.  Bullying has grown to the stage that now includes physical anger, threats, teasing and harassment and has even lead to violence from shooting to knife stabbing.  The bully has become a nightmare for children and has left deep emotional scars.

If your child has become a victim, you want to prevent it and help to stop it.  Bullying can be unlearned or even better, be prevented.

Familiarizing yourself with the Bully

As a child we have all been teased by family or friends and it’s not usually harmful, but when the teasing becomes harsh, vicious and constant, it crosses the line into bullying and needs to stop.

Bullying comes in many forms from hitting, name-calling, threats and even forcing children from their possessions.  Others spread rumors about them, and social media and electronic messaging has become a new way of hurting their feelings.  Bullying in today’s day and age must be taken serious and not be ignored as the saying goes “kids have to learn to be tough”.  The consequence has caused tragedies, such as suicides and school shootings.

Why Children become bullies?

There are a variety of reasons that children become bullies.  Some children annoy others because that’s how they have been treated.  They have come under the impression that it’s normal to bully as they come from families or surroundings where everyone gets angry and uses verbal abuse.  The bully needs to feel important, popular, or in control.

 Is your child being bullied?

As a child, we never spoke to our parents when we had been bullied at school making it very difficult for parents to know that their children are victims of bullying at school.  Some children do show warning signs if there are no visible bruises or injuries and these are the signs to look out for:

  • Children start acting differently.
  • Appear anxious.
  • Children are not eating as they use to.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Children stop doing the things they usually enjoyed doing.
  • Children start showing signs that they do not want to go to school anymore.

Helping Your Child

If and when your child tells you that they are being bullied, stay calm and offer comfort and support.  Children feel it’s their fault that they are victims of bullies.  They are scared that when the bully finds out that they have notified someone, the bullying will become worse.  They feel ashamed or that their parents will be angry or upset with them.

Most important talk to your children and tell them that if they are being bullied it’s very important to talk to someone about it.  Praise your child when they do talk to you about it as this is very important to build a close relationship with your child.  Comfort your child that together you will find a way to prevent the bullying from occurring again.

In some cases, it’s helpful to talk to the teachers or counselors at the school.  Most schools these days have bullying policies and anti-bullying programs in place.

Advice for Children

We as parents play a major role in our children’s lives and we can learn them on how to deal with the bully.  The following strategies can be followed to help improve the situation and make them feel better:

  • Advise your child that it is important to not react to the bullying by fighting back as it can cause more problems.  Advise them to rather walk away.
  • Advise an adult that you are being bullied.
  • If being bullied use the buddy system with friends and make sure that they should always be in groups.
  • Advise them to hold their anger and to practice to not react by crying or being upset.  Advise them, it’s better to just walk away and ignore them.

Restore your child’s confidence

To deal with bullying you can help your child to boost their confidence.  Encourage them to spend time with friends.  Provide a listening ear about any difficult situation they may find themselves growing up to be adults.  Believe in your child and assure them that you will help them deal with problems that may be taking place and so prevent the bullying chain reaction that is occurring in this world.





Presentation2We all have had the problem with our minds not switching off when we try to sleep.  At least I have had that problem in the past and still do.  I will lie in bed and my mind is all over the place thinking of everything that comes to mind.  You toss and you turn all the time and when you look again it is late and by the time you wake up in the morning you are so tiered you do not want to even move out of bed.  You see we all have that problem sometimes.

So I have decided to share something to do making your body to relax before going to bed.  I have started doing this procedure during the day even when I feel I am all tensed up and it makes me relax.

Beginning with the toes, first tighten and relax all the muscles in your body, so that you are able to identify the difference between tight and relaxed.

 Then tighten each part of your body in turn. First tighten the toes and let go.  Do this three times. 

 Then tighten the ankles and release them slowly.  Again repeat three times.  Every bit is done in threes.  Concentrate on each part you tighten.

Tighten the calves and let go then follow to the thighs following the same procedure.  Finally for this part tighten the full length of your legs completely and release, again repeating three times. (This exercise is great for restless leg syndrome.) 

 Now move on to the rest of your body.  Repeating as usual for each part, tighten in turn your buttocks, your stomach, your spine, your neck, your hands, your arms and your neck, your face and your scalp concentrate on the different points. 

 Finally tighten every single muscle you have used, and let go completely.  Repeat three times, and by now you should recognise the difference between the state of relaxation at the beginning of the exercise, and the one at the end.

In time with practice you should be able to relax completely just by doing the last part of the exercise, but for now take it slowly and feel your body relax and with time you will feel the your muscles and mind relaxing.  Hope it helps you as it has helped me.