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A New Beginning

Good day to all who have followed my blog for such a long time. I know I have not posted much on my blog lately but have been so busy with writing for clients and started a new passion of mine in a new website.

Please feel free to check it out and share. I would appreciate it if you follow me there as well.

My new website is all about reviews – Let’s Be Honest Reviews


Hope you all had a blessed Easter Weekend – and let us not forget that Christ is Risen to prepare a place in the kingdom for us.


Denying The Lord


Lord,  sometimes it is so difficult to accept,

That you do hear my prayers

But still I do not get any answers from you on all my questions ,

Sometimes it feels as if you are not hearing my plea

Sometimes I feel that I do not believe anymore

Forgive me for this Lord, I must keep faith in you

Lord makes me strong and a big believer so that I can Hold fast on to your word and believe in you

Thank you Lord for when you do answer my prayers.

Prayer for Trouble


Heavenly Father you know there,

Is so many things we worry about,

Time and time again, it keeps coming up

Every time I leave it with you Lord, but It

Keeps coming back just to stress about it again,

Forgive me, Lord, please I pray and please just,images

Show me the way.

Please take my troubles and hold it close to you,

And that I know my Lord you will take care of it.



Sitting here all alone on my bed, music playing softly in the back waiting for my hubby dearest to arrive home from work as it is already late my mind started wondering to the past week we had.  I just had to share it as it is very important to me.

Thinking back what a week it had been, it started with me on the Monday 10th February 2014 browsing the net to my surprise my husband came home early from work.  He had lost his job and with me being without a job for two years now working on and off on contract, he had been the sole breadwinner for us me relying on him most of the time.  I went all pale in my face and quiet listening and taking all off it in.

My husband worked for the past five years with a very difficult man with no human feelings at all.  He use to arrive home some days very negative and did not want to go back to work many a times, but with us in the situation we where he had no choice.

I looked at him and said it will be fine we must just believe and keep faith.  We both decided to advertise our motorbike on the net to be sold, thinking we must make a plan to survive and it could take some time for a sale to take place.  By the evening the motorbike had been sold and God provided money to keep us going till either one of us had a work.

As the week progressed we applied for three job applications for him.  By Thursday afternoon a gentleman phoned him for an interview the Friday morning.  As Friday arrived we read a verse my mom had sent us to read out of Psalm 56.  We read the whole chapter but the verse that stayed in our minds was the following:

When I am afraid, I will trust in you,

In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust:

I will not be afraid.                     

What can a mortal man do to me?

My husband went to the interview and he started working today.  When in doubt believe and trust in God.  He is in control of your life and he makes all possible for those that believe in him.  Leave all your fears, pain and concerns with him and it will be provided in his time.

That is why I do believe in miracles of God.  God made this possible for us and I praise him for that in all what I do.














Where there is life, there is hope.  These words are so true.  I have been through many trials and tribulations regarding my life from being in an alcoholic home to losing all my belongings we worked so hard for, but there has always been one who I can trust in my Father God with all that happened in our lives he has always provided for us and a very special friend.  I have never gone to bed hungry or even dirty.  I have always had a warm place to stay.  I praise Him for always listening to my prayers and all the tantrums I have had.

It could have been worse than it had been.  It does not matter what trials and misfortune we all go through if we say up these nine words aloud to ourselves, we feel much better.  It’s like taking medicine not very sweet and most off the time very bitter and not easy to swallow.  You do not always believe that it will help you when swallowing it down.  It takes time for it to work.

There are days that that you need this sentence much more than other days.  We believe that our problems are much greater than others problems and that is where we make our mistake.  This is what you do just sit and switch on your telly.  On that screen there are many people all over the world going through much worse problems than what you have been going through, from people being murdered to people losing everything in their lives. When you see people going through hardship and pain, your problems are not as bad as theirs.  Then you sigh and say these magical words: “It could have been worse than it had been.”

It is so true.  Many things could have been worse. If you had broken your one leg it could have been worse you could have broken two.  But one day you will stand up and look back at those problems and think about them going forward and always remember that there is Hope!

Hope you find with your Creator and other people that are always there to listen.  I want to thank my special friend she knows who I am referring to as she has listened to me and has gone through many hardships herself.  Always being there for me even if we do not see each other that often and making me believe in my-self.  Remember there is hope and if you do not have anyone to talk to please feel free to just drop me an email I will listen.  I may not be able to solve the problem but at least you have someone to talk to.

God Bless and take care keep faith and believe.


If only I knew what this day would hold for me,

I would have easily shaken off my fears,

If only I could see where you are leading me Father,

I would thank you more and plead much less,

If only I looked up at you I would hold on to the promises,

I would reject all the lies,

If only I had more trust to confide in your plans for me,

I would realize how little we need to depend on others,

Help me please to look back and realize how much you have done for me,

So that my faith can become stronger for the road ahead,

That I can realize that the long road full off twist and turn has always been better,

Than the short and easy road,

Remind me Lord that I am not alone, that you are always walking beside me,

Remind me Lord every day how far I have progressed to complete this,

Walk of life I am doing with you by my side.


Dear Lord thank you for the day we have had

You’re walking beside us all the way

You have brought us through this day looking after our very need

Dear Lord thank you for the home you give

For us to use for our comfort and rest

Thank you God for each thing that you bless us with

And let us remember it come’s only from you

You give us your grace, you forgive us our sin

And have mercy on us through thick and thin

You give us a choice to open the door of our heart

So that you can come through

To lead and guide us the right way once more

You are our savior and our friend we call on you for all our needs

We pray to you when going goes tough we pray and thank you when you heed

Lord Jesus Christ we ask once again be with us through this night

Grant us Lord that you will be there when we call to you if in fright

Forgive us our sins once more we pray

Before we close our eyes in sleep

Be there with us until light

We praise you Dear Lord


GOD CREATOR OF MY LIFE (Christina Doidge)

God you are the creator of the universe and life itself.

You created me a bundle of joy and growing up made me strong.

You breathed into my lungs the precious air we need.

My life journey was not easy but you taught me that faith is the core of life.

I grew with your Word; I try to live in your word but not always easy.

I know my God you are always there for me, I pray to you for my existence.

Lead me Lord I pray, bless my family and friends they are so precious just like you Lord.

Save us Lord from the world and the instability it brings with it.

Thank you my Lord for Jesus your son that died on the cross for my sins.

He is my path to eternal life and Thank Him for that.

He is my light and my way on this road I travel every day.

Bless you my Lord for giving me this life I am forever grateful to you.



The beauty that God have given us♥

When we look at nature all around♥

The calm of the sea♥

As one looks over the bay♥

The mountains far in the background♥

Are grey blue in color♥

The clouds hold a promise of change in the weather♥

The birds on the rocks♥

Waiting for the fish they need♥

Knowing and trusting God♥

To provide them with food♥

What are we but God’s creatures?♥

Also needing God for our comforts♥

We are those people♥

Who do not submit to his will?♥

We want to go our own way♥

Bumping our heads as we go♥

Why can’t we be like those in nature putting our trust in God?♥

They do not have the minds like we have♥

And yet they know♥

That is only his hand that provides them so♥ 

(Alfreda Doidge)