You brought me into this world, a child of loving parents

I came with nothing, and they gave me love

And although they told me about you My Lord and Christ

You were there in the background, but not really part of my life

Goodness you were so patient with me

You held me up each time I fell and was hurt

But still I did not accept you as you wanted me to

Yet now I know I could not have gone through the pain

Without you holding me up as you did

I thank you for always being there for me in my troubles

You were there when I made mistakes

You helped me get up each time

When I needed you

But my Lord I ask forgiveness for the pain I caused you

I thank you for your healing hand in my recent problems

I thank you Lord for your love that you give me each day

You are my strength and shield in the problems pressing now

Without you I am nothing

And as I came into this world without anything

So I will go out of this world without a thing

Because while my so journey on earth

I use everything that you have provided




When and where do miracles happen? Can one remember when it did?

Was it so obvious at the time that it stood out in your mind?

Some people can look back give you the exact time and place

When that wonder happened in the time of space

Yet many of us go our way

Not noticing anything at all

Everything is taken for granted

For every hour of the day

It was our Lord and Savior

And his disciples as well

That made things happen as they did and

Miracles were there for everyone to see

There are those that have been ill

Or in trouble of some kind

That when a prayer was uttered

A miracle took place in their life

Yet is it not what happens each day with every breath that we take

And especially that day we took our Lords offered sacrifice

That a miracle happened in our life.